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Canopy Lift is elevating safety standards to new heights with their innovative knuckle boom crane truck equipped with a grapple saw. significantly enahncing safety and efficiency in the tree industry.

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We offer more than just tree work with our crane hire available around the clock for emergency tree removal. 


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Here’s What People Are Saying

I was referred to Canopy Tree by a builder who said they are the best. Nicholas was helpful and provided a quote promptly. The tree removal was carried out smoothly with professional equipment, no hesitations, and the site was left clean. Thank you!

Giuliano Carrozzi

Nick and his crew professionally removed a large oak tree hanging over a building using the Canopy Lift Crane. The tree was swiftly on the ground. I would highly recommended Canopy Lift for all tree lopping jobs.


Canopy Lift does excellent work! Amazing how safe and quickly they work.